Arkansas Court News

Much has been written about how our lives have changed with the advent of the internet. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and yes, even Myspace, have changed the way we communicate publicly. It seems that everything we do is posted somewhere online. Photos of us, our kids, our dinner, vacations, political views, favorite inspirational quotes, and cats. Lots of cats. 

Appeals on Wheels

Appeals on Wheels took place November 6, at Russellville High School’s Center for the Arts in Russellville, Arkansas.

Justice Holt Exhibit Unveiled

A new exhibit was unveiled recently at the Justice Building spotlighting the life and works of retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Jack Holt

ACAP Project Update

CIS Division Projects Progress At A Glance

Secure Your Accounts with a Password Manager

Guidelines to creating and managing computer account passwords to avoid cyber threats and security breaches.

Administrative Office of the Courts' Court Management Program Holds Graduation for New Class

The Administrative Office of the Courts held its fourth Court Management Program (CMP) graduation on August 20, 2014.

William Bowen Dies at 91

Former lawyer, banker and political aide William H. Bowen died [November 12] at age 91.